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Safer surfaces at home for you & your pet.

Absorbent Dirt Trap



Maximum Traction

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For pets with mobility issues,   give them comfort & maximum traction on hard & slippery surfaces. 


Young and old pets 

make messes.  

Protect surfaces wherever you are - home, office or guest house!

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Removeable +  reusable  

absorbent + waterproof

non-slip, no mess 

dish zone.

The Possibilities Are Endless

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Blind animals & post-op pets need safe, non-slip runners

at home. 

“When my dog started to go blind, our vet suggested a texturized padded runner to train her to follow without sight. PetRunner is the perfect fit!”
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Asheville, North Carolina

"Works great where Yogee scratches the door to go out!  Sticks easy, you can cut to size, looks nice and prevents door scratches!" 
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Truckee, California

“After knee surgery, we used PetRunner on our hardwood floors so that Angus wouldn't slip and slide and his knee could heal.”  
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Telluride, Colorado